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dc.contributor.authorAkkuzu, Erhan-
dc.contributor.authorÜnal, Halil Baki-
dc.contributor.authorMengü, Gülay Pamuk-
dc.identifier.citationAkkuzu, E., Ünal, B. H., Mengü, P. G. (2008). Evaluation of the effects of global climate change on agriculture and water sources in the Gediz River Basin. International Meeting on Soil Fertility Land Management and Agroclimatology, Special Issue, 11-16.tr_TR
dc.description.abstractGlobal climate change is very likely to have a major impact on the hydrological cycle, and consequently on available water resources, flood and drought potentials, and agricultural productivity. As the largest user of water, the agricultural sector is expected to be affected by global climate change to an even greater extent than other sectors. Sufficiency of water resources is generally evaluated in terms of total water potential for total population. According to this evaluation, the beginning of water stress is accepted as 1700 m3 per capita per year. In Turkey, total water potential per capita per year was 2900 m3 in 2000, but this value is estimated to fall to 2200 m3 by 2025. Rapid population growth, industrialization, and rising standards of living will decrease the annual per capita renewable water potential in Turkey, and in general, Turkey’s water resources are set to decrease to critical levels. We took as an example the Gediz Basin in western Turkey, which has a total area of some 17 310 ha, and supplies water for domestic and industrial purposes. The water resources in the basin support wildlife, and are used to produce energy. The objectives of this study are to examine the effects of global climate change on agriculture and water sources in the Gediz River Basin, to discuss the difficulties of management of the basin, and the measures which should be taken from today.tr_TR
dc.publisherAdnan Menderes Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakültesi Dergisitr_TR
dc.subjectClimate Changetr_TR
dc.subjectWater Sourcestr_TR
dc.titleEvaluation of the effects of global climate change on agriculture and water sources in the Gediz River Basintr_TR
dc.relation.journalInternational Meeting on Soil Fertility Land Management and Agroclimatologytr_TR
dc.contributor.departmentEge University, Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Agricultural Structures and Irrigationtr_TR
dc.identifier.issueSpecial Issuetr_TR
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